Launching back in 1979, we have grown from our initial whole-sale business focusing on optics to operate in all of optical, fashion, jewelry, furniture and construction industries. As an Egyptian born business, we have expanded our presence beyond Egypt to operate a total of 11 brands and up to 100 stores in Egypt, the GCC and East Africa.

Each business decision made throughout the decades has been in service of opening more channels of distribution in regional markets. We capitalize on our years of experience in Arab markets to further our presence in more countries in the region.

Baraka Retail Group consistently aspires to be at the forefront of the retail and fashion industry. We constantly aim to broaden our business to exceed our customers’ expectations and improve their shopping experience. We continue to strengthen the trust we have built with our customers over the past decades is a testament to our abiding commitment to quality and the highest standards of service.

As we operate in markets driven by intellectual consumers with luxurious taste, we aspire to lead the retail market and continuously complement people’s unique choices. In essence, we capitalize on every opportunity to build an authentic relationship with the customer and attract industry experts who can push the company to become a pioneer in retail businesses.

Facts and Figures

Satisfied Customers
Team Members

Business Divisions

At Baraka Group, we understand that passion, intelligence and hard work are never linked to gender, age or cultural labels.

Our Brands

More than 40,000 Satisfied Customers

Baraka Store

Baraka Optics

Launched in 1984

C & CO


Opened back in December of 2003

Ray Ban

Egypt’s first and only Ray Ban store


Very own optics brand in the GCC region


Offering unique items with premium quality

Madar Store


Excellent products with luxurious taste



Very own line of world-class makeup

Beverly Hills Polo Club

Beverly Hills Polo Club

The first Beverly Hills Polo Club in Egypt


The shoe with the beautiful fit


Working Together to Achieve More


The trend-setting clothing brands


For high-profile athletes and sports teams


Elegant simplicity and authentic beauty