Egypt, 17th June 2021 – Baraka Group, Egypt’s leading retailer, has launched its first online shopping portal, which will feature all of its brands, which include New Balance, Baraka, Beverly Hill Polo Club and a lot more.

Baraka group brings you an online portal for all of your shopping needs. Find all of Baraka group stores including New Balance, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Inglot, Baraka Optics, Jooj, C&Co and Mellow, and there are many more stores to come.

Online shopping has grown tremendously over the last few years, and particularly over the last two years where brick and mortar shopping has become less accessible.

 Baraka group aims to make shopping easier, safer, more convenient for their customers, which is why they launched SWISH, an online platform that connects retail and customers, which will go live in Egypt on June 17th.

Mark your calendars and be one of the first to go online to catch special deals and free shipping for a limited time. Get ready to shop everything your heart desires on Swish.

Visit Swish Website or Download the App