Site Engineer



Responsible for completing construction and engineering projects by organizing and controlling all elements of a project.


– Manage the construction of the project
– Provide technical advice
– Supervise staff on site
– Ensure that their works are completed on time and within budget
– Oversee building works
– Undertake surveys
– Setting out sites and organising facilities
– Check technical designs and drawings to ensure that they are followed correctly
– Supervise contracted staff
– Ensure projects meet agreed specifications and budgets and timeline
– Liasing with subcontractors and other professional staff
– Prepare site reports and fill in other paperwork
– Provide technical advice and solving problems on site
– Liasing with quantity surveyors about the ordering and negotiating the price of materials
– Ensure that health and safety and sustainability policies and legislation are adhered to site engineers work out on a construction site in all weathers and tend to work on one project at a time depending on the location of the project

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