Mohamed joined the Group in 1991 by opening the 2nd Baraka Optics store.

In a journey that exceeded 100 stores over 30 years, he was promoted to store manager within two years, then west Cairo area manager in 1997. In 2003, with the launch of C&CO, he paved his path to Head of the sales division across the optical brands of the Group. In 2008, with the expansion of the optical stores across new cities and areas such as the North Coast and the Red Sea area, he headed the operations and business development of the optical division.

In 2016, with the Group diversification and expansion in new divisions, he became the CEO of the optics division, where his success is clearly illustrated in launching JOOJ and expanding Baraka’s private label and manufacturing business, increasing Baraka Group’s market share to exceed 40% in 2020, while retaining the growth patterns in both revenues and profits of the optical division over the past five years and establishing a solid foundation and base for growth for the optical business.