The right partner in eye care

We are a Czech manufacturer and distributor of spectacle lenses. We have almost thirty years of experience in the field of spectacle lenses.

Satisfaction of our business partners always comes first. That is why we focus all our efforts on building business relationships, providing unique combination of product range, delivery timing, quality, price and service.

We are the right business partner that provides relevant individual solutions for the growth and development of your business!

Modern approach, responsibility

Together with teams of technical engineers, purchasing experts and IT specialists, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that will satisfy new technical and market demands. In our production processes we treat the environment with maximum responsibility. Our mission and values are the pillar of our efforts and daily work. In short, we believe in what we do.

We take our mission seriously.

Every day we create products that give life the right colors, sharpness and brightness. Innovation and state-of-the-art technology are the key to the highest standard of our products and services. Our mission is to develop our industry and keep up with its innovations in serving the wearer of our lenses.

We think of the environment.

We were the first laboratory in Europe to remove completely metal alloy from the production process and replace it with the new ART technology. In 2019, the installation of a city water treatment plant was completed, which significantly reduced water consumption by up to 75%.

Innovation moves us forward

Every year we invest in new technologies, equipment and production processes. Digitization has become an engine for the development of support to our customers across all processes and platforms within our organization.


Omega Optix has an integrated management system in place and is certified according to the following standards

ISO 9001

quality management system

ISO 13485

quality management system – medical devices

ISO 50001

energy management system



Transtions - Gen 8 - 7 Colors

XTRA darkness with Transitions XTRActive