The Legend Amr Diab launches more than 100 products under his brand name “34”.

Baraka Holding Group and Group Four announced their partnership with the Egyptian international star Amr Diab to manufacture and market products bearing his trademark “34”. The plan comprises of the production of more than 100 products including clothing, sunglasses and medical, in addition to a large production line for accessories and leather products.

In his first statement, Amr Diab stated:

“The new generation is my first concern. Together with the work team, we have been keen to provide products worthy of the young generation and comparable to international products at much lower prices. I feel proud that a large part of these products are manufactured in Egypt and with international specifications.”

About the contract, Ahmed Ragab, the managing director, said:

“Choosing Baraka Group to cooperate with the international star Amr Diab commercially through his brand 34 is considered a milestone in the growth and rise of Baraka Group due to the great and global position of Amr Diab, who is considered the No. 1 artist in the Arab world and also maintains a great international reputation that made him the best ambassador for Egypt in international forums. It enabled him to obtain awards and a global prestige that no one has ever achieved.”

He also added: “In the stage of developing the fashion line, Baraka Group relied on fabrics imported from northern Italy, to match the softness and quality of international products in the fashion world.”

And through 34’s trip in various sectors and markets, raw materials will be used that matches and competes with the major brands, to ensure exceptional quality representing Amr Diab’s global standing.

And about the dates of launching the products and participating markets, Mohamed Talaat, the managing director of Group Four, said: The Legend is a fashion maker and inspiring youth for the past 30 years and until now, we have been working in complete secrecy for more than a year through a large and specialized team, our goal is to provide products of the highest level of taste and quality, we will start launching products during the month of August, and we will start with the markets of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE as a first stage, followed by the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the rest of the Arab countries as a second stage.

We strive to provide products with international specifications worthy of the name of the first star in the Middle East and North Africa, all products are specially designed in Italy and France by the top designers in the fashion world, we will launch more than 100 products in the first 4 months, provided that the products will be launched in a seasonal manner in the future.