Trend-Setting and World Leading Brand in Makeup, Also Known As The Legendary “INGLOT” Opens its Very First Store in City Stars Right Here in Egypt.

The world of beauty does not come without high-quality, flawless and confidence-boosting makeup, and women around the world, are becoming more makeup savvy every day as they turn to vibrant, fresh and refined beauty-enhancing tools. Today, one of the world’s leaders in cosmetics, a stand-alone brand with a reputation spanning across 600 locations in 80 countries famously known as“Inglot,” is opening its very first store and bringing this prestigious level of makeup quality and diversity in cosmetic products to Egypt’s estimable women.

Established since 1983, the legacy of the mega-brand has been spreading through the world for decades, intimately competing with makeup leaders such as Sephora. Over the past few years, Inglot established itself in the Middle East, familiarizing itself with market needs and grasping the unique middle-eastern beauty, and with such demonstrative success, motioned by its operating company Baraka Retail Group, Inglot finally launched its very first store right here in Egypt in City Stars Mall, Cairo.

A partner in managing Inglot and inaugurating its presence in Egypt this 2017, Baraka Retail Group has been a frontrunner in introducing many firsts right here in Egypt. It introduced the first Fendi Casa store way back in 1996, the first Bvlgari store in 2001, the first Ray Ban store in 2016, and now, the first Inglot store. The Egyptian group has dominated much of the regional markets, vying for opportunities and succeeding in continuously expanding year after year, while managing brands from diverse retail sectors to serve diverse markets. The Group is expected to launch two more Inglot store over the next 6 months, with one in Mall of Egypt and the other in Mall of Arabia.

The elegant, clean, sharp and safe haven for any makeup lover is now officially serving Egyptian women with the exceptional Inglot cosmetics and in-store makeup experts to guide customers and direct them towards the latest beauty trends that suit their particular features. The exclusive Inglot makeup service available in all concept stores branched across 6 continents will be offered in Egypt’s branch as well, where Baraka Group loyalists can enjoy makeup services in the store and seize the full Inglot beauty experience.

The very concept of Inglot’s innovation and production strategy is to harness and embody the expertise and consultations of makeup artists and gurus as well as color consultants from around the world, this edge has given Inglot its reputation as the master of color collections, currently providing a collection consisting of 450 ways to emphasize the lips, over 300 ways to portray the face, 600 ways to enhance the eyes, and 400 shades to accentuate the nails. Furthermore, Inglot has been the makeup sponsor of several blockbuster movies and theatricals such as Mamma Mia and The Lion King Broadway Musical.
So next time you find yourself in City Stars, make sure to visit Level 3 in Phase 2 to experience the heavenly international beauty experience enjoyed by celebrities for decades you deserve.